суббота, 14 июля 2012 г.

Большая конфета от Tattered Angels

Glimmer Gabbie and Plane Jane want to know what kind of an artist are you??
Are you more of a Glimmer Gabbie who loves everything that shines,
the more Glimmer and Glam the better?
are you more of a Plain Jane? You like to keep things clean and simple
and enjoy creating projects with a more natural feel.
Now is your time to VOTE….
Tell us, you can only vote for one or the other but you can vote for Gabbie OR
 Jane multiple times by doing the following things ( one vote per item you do).

Т.е. надо решить и написать, кем ты являешься: Glimmer Gabbie и любишь, всё, что блестит и сверкает или Plain Jane и предпочитаешь стиль "чисто и просто"!

А приз на 200$!!!

Всем-всем удачи!

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